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★★★★★ Five Star Rated Customer Service
Here is what just a few of our Clients are saying about us:
Rebecca Wells is Wonderful customer service resource for your company! I recently had the pleasure of speaking with her regarding a charge on my checking account. She was a joy to work with! A polite young lady whom you should be proud to call your own!

Susan H.

Thank you again for your gracious service. See you again at the end of 2024.

Bessie S.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention on our coverages and listening to your lovely voice on the phone! Always a pleasure doing business with you.

Ricardo O.

Nice! Thank you SO much for your help. Ace is the place!!
Happy Holidays!

Mark J.

Hey Great service and thank you for the help, it's been 21 years since me or my wife have dealt with E&O...so far very impressed!

R. Matthews

What fantastic customer service. You are all outstanding!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Thank you,

Rick F.

I LOVE working with your company! You are very responsive and do such a great job! I highly recommend you to everyone I talk to!


Excellent customer service year after year.

Starley N.

Ace Financial Services is extremely responsive, convenient and professional. The 3 years I have done business with them I have received same-day responses and extremely fast turnaround times for the E&O policy that I requested. They have made the renewal process so simple, I just need to send an email and it's done. Thank you so much for your prompt and professional help!

Jeffrey B.

I am extremely satisfied with the service I received from Errors and Omissions Online. As a new business owner. The team was incredibly helpful and responsive.

What impressed me the most was the quick turnaround time. They made repeated changes to my policy promptly and without any hassle, which allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business. The whole process was smooth and stress-free.

Overall, I highly recommend Errors and Omissions Online to any business owner in need of coverage. Their exceptional customer service and expertise make them a standout in the industry. Thank you, Errors and Omissions Online, for making the process so easy for me!

Todd P.
Certified Professional Inspector

E&O; Thank you for the straight-forward application and approval process. I look forward to being a member for years to come.

Gary O.

I have been serviced by Rebecca for several years and have never considered "shopping around." She is courteous, professional and efficient.

Anita S.

To Ace Financial,

Over the last few years, I have been a loyal customer of Ace Financial for one reason, the customer care I receive from your company. The customer service I have received over the years is nothing short of exemplary, the care and service from your employee named Rebecca has been outstanding.

Recently, I found that I had overlooked renewing my E and O and it had expired. I sent an email request on the afternoon of December 23. Rebecca received my email and on December 24th she was able to process my request for the E and O. Who does this? Works for her clients on her day off! I am amazed and impressed that you have such a valuable employee in your service. Rebecca absolutely demonstrates what customer service is all about. It is important to me that you understand how helpful Rebecca has been over the years, especially for my renewal on “Christmas” eve! I expect that I will be a loyal customer for a long time because of Rebecca.


Rick F.

You and I have had a spectacular relationship throughout the past years! I know you make a point to provide me with the best rate, coverage and service. I want to thank you for ALL of your efforts on my behalf.
May your weekend be filled with joy,

Barbara P.

Hello again,
After a thorough shopping expedition, you once again prevail on the best rate I can find.
I'm ready to purchase my policy. Can someone please call me to take my credit card information?
If I do not answer, please DO leave a message and I will call back asap.
Thank you,

Jeannie P.

Thanks for your help. This whole E and O thing was driving me CRAZY! You made it easy. I gave your website to a guy in my office. He will be signing up with you today.

Burt W.

You have a nice program. I am glad I found you.

Yolanda C.

I just saved a ton of money going with you guys. I hate insurance...but I dont hate you. Please keep your rates low.

Jimmy R.

Website easy to navigate, pricing good, and Customer Service is excellent.

David S.

It is nice working with a company that can provide alternatives to traditional Errors and Omissions Insurance. I have been a health/life agent over 20 years, and have seen rates go up and up. I saved some real money switching my program over to you. Thanks!

Sharon T.

Chris S. gave me your name, Maybe you know him cause he had referred a bunch of folks in our office. He now gets $100 per referral. Now THATS a great program!!! Ill be doing the same. You have a great program.

Kelly W.

I like your streamlined errors and omissions process.

George T.

Im really happy with your teams dedication. Tell them a big thank you.

Jason A.

I have to say that your customer service is absolutely amazing. It is truly a pleasure to work with someone that actually cares about their customers. Thank you again.

Beth W.

This is a brief note of gratitude for the excellent professionalism of your Customer Service rep for her courtesy and generosity of spirit. She could not have been more helpful.

Mikel O.

My office mate has your errors and omissions coverage and recommended you. I am glad he did.

Sid L.

Thank you for all your help with the renewal process for E&O coverage! You made it pleasant and quick. You're the Best!


Im really happy with this company...the service is excellent and the premium and the ease of the application...Progressive mentioned the company and I have found iWorld excellent so far.

Jerry C.

I am glad I found your errors and omissions coverage.

Pete S.

I was recommended to you for E and O by my Agency Manager. It worked out well. Thanks.

Timothy U.

Rebecca Wells is Wonderful customer service resource for your company! I recently had the pleasure of speaking with her regarding a charge on my checking account. She was a joy to work with! A polite young lady whom you should be proud to call your own!

L. Clark

I want to thank you for the great support you provided in clearing up the problem of not receiving my E & O certificate by email. What most impressed me was the fact that a live person answered the phone to assist in resolving this issue. It appeared that several attempts to send the certificate to one of my email addresses did not work. We then tried a different email server which was successful. Thanks again for your courteous assistance.

Dennis S.

Your E & O pricing was good.

T. S.

I found you after doing quite a bit of research. You have a good plan and great pricing. You get my Errors and Omissions business.

Ken R.

Great prices and a great program. Errors and Omissions is such a hassle to get. You have a good program. I will be recommending you to others. Thanks.

Michelle M.

I like your Errors and Omissions coverage...and the prices were decent. The person that answered the phone was helpful. Good work!

Gary T.

You have a good errors and omissions program. I will tell others about your E and O coverage. The $100 referral money is generous. Thanks.

Jerry N.

We will be using you for e and o at our office. Good rates.

Bert P.

E and O is now to the point that it was getting hard to afford. What can you do? I was referred to you, and it worked out well. Thank you.

Jim F.

Thanks for your help. Your errors and omissions specialist was good. You have good prices too.

Louise D.

Glad I found your errors and omissions coverage. You were less than the others. Nice to save some money on e & o.

Nelson S.

What a hassle this whole E and O thing has been! Really a pain. Your program was easy to apply for. Thanks for being out there.

Penny C.

I signed up for your errors and omissions coverage about two months ago for around $600. 6 agents in my office I referred got your e & o --- and I made $600 from you in referral money! My e & o is now free!! Thanks!!

Paul T.

You have good prices, and a good errors and omissions plan.

Ollie N.

Yes. It printed fine. Thank you so much for helping me out on this. Your customer service is one I would hope my clients feel they receive when they call my agency. You were awesome!

Ruth B.

My price for E and O has gone through the roof...so I started shopping. I switched to you and saved significant money. Thanks.

Jared C.

A nice price and a nice program.

Harold J.

You have the best prices from what I have seen. I like your e and o program.

C. D.

Your customer service person was very helpful. Thanks.

Terri L.

Good prices, good service, easy application. I guess that sums it up. I will recommend your Errors and Omissions Coverage to the guys in my office.

William C.

Thanks for being there. I like your E and O program.

Cindy M.

What a pleasure it was to talk to a person who actually cares about customer service. I wish other companies had Customer Service like yours. Would make life so much easier for all.

Jeff P.

You were recommended for E & O by my office manager. I hope she gets the $100 referral money.

Conrad D.

Errors and Omissions is a necessary evil I guess. Thanks for the good pricing. I will recommend your e and o coverage to my fellow agents.
I was referred to your E and O program by my hairdresser! Her husband is a health insurance agent and uses your service. Good pricing.

Carol A.

I was frustrated trying to get an Errors and Omissions program. You made it easy. Thanks.

Leonard G.

My top agent uses you for Errors and Omissions. Nice program.

Kevin H

E and O prices keep going up. Glad I found you...saved me some money.

Jack F.

You have a reasonable Errors and Omissions program. I hope your price stays low.

Sam B.

Thanks for your help. I like your E and O Coverage.

Norm W.

I am glad I found your E and O program. You saved me money. Every little bit helps in this economy.

Navin Y.

I like it when you get a price right away without having to type in your life history. Thanks for your Errors and Omissions.

Rob T.

The person I talked to on the phone was very helpful. Your E and O site was easy to use.

Sharon S.

I will tell others about your great Errors and Omissions pricing. You are the best!

John R.

I am a new agent and needed Errors and Omissions. You had the best prices, which when you are just starting out is important.

Gigi I.

If your Errors and Omissions prices stay this low I will keep using you.

Eric T.

Good pricing, good E and O program. I am glad I found you for my E and O.

Bill C.

You have a good Errors and Omissions plan. Your prices were good.

Natasha G.

I am glad you were recommended to me. I will recommend your Errors and Omissions plan to others. Thank you.

Frank K.

Thank you for your Errors and Omissions Coverage. The website was easy and quick, not like some others.

Clayton W.

The site was easy to use, and I did not find any problems. Thanks.

Bryan A.

Good pricing. The best yet.

Paula D.

I was able to get my E & O taken care of quickly, and for a low price.

Jake S.

Thanks for helping me get Errors and Omissions coverage. I will recommend you to my insurance co-workers.

Cynthia C.

You saved me some money on my E and O. Nice!

Ned C.

Errors and Omissions is always a pain. I have been with so many companies for various reasons. The main reason I go to a new E and O is price. Keep yours low and you will keep my E and O business.

Bob J.

A buddy gave my your name. Glad I checked you out. I will spread the word.

Todd S.

Thanks for your service. You were easy to sign up with, and your price for E and O was decent.

Nicholas Y.

I would like to sell your E & O product. Do you have an agent program, other than the $100 referral program? I know quite a few people looking for an Errors and Omissions program.

Phillip W.

Errors and Omissions Insurance is expensive, but your price the best. Thank you for your help.

Luca D.

Appreciate your help. Good customer service, fast issue of my errors and omissions plan.

Jim S.

Great rate, great E & O plan.

Simon D.

I was going through a rough time trying to find a company to give me the E&O coverage I needed. Being that I have less then 3 years experience in the field I was getting the run around, not to mention first the other companies want you to fill out endless amounts of paperwork just to get declined. The other companies never let you talk to a live person and when you do finally get someone to call you back they have to transfer you and then transfer you again. I thankfully talked to Rebecca Wells who is my savior, she has an extreme amount of patience and always got my answers within minutes of asking. I recommend this company to everyone. Excellent service from start to finish and on going, they keep you from feeling like you are in the dark. Rebecca is a god sent angel and I am so grateful she was on the other side of the phone understanding all my questions and concerns. Rebecca keep up the smiling voice you are wonderful.

Kelly B.

You have a good site. A lot of them are hard to use. I have been looking for a good errors and omissions plan. Thank you much.

Alexander R.

I like your errors and omissions program. The price was within my budget.

Talitia P.

You have good prices and the plan seems good. You earned my e and o business.

Joe K.

There is a lot of insurance companies looking for business. You gave me an e and o alternative that I like. Plus your prices are the best.

Clay J.

I have been looking to find a lower rate for errors and omissions coverage. I was fortunate to find you. And, your customer service person was helpful. Thanks.

S. A.

I was issued in a few hours. That was nice. Plus, you seemed to have the best rates for errors and omissions. At least it was less than my current program.

Mary T.

I was referred to you by an insurance friend. It was a great referral. Your e and o pricing is the best. Thanks.

Dave W.

I had my e and o program in place within a couple of hours. Thanks.

Paul S.

Good price on your e and o. The plan looks like what I need. Good job.

Reid F.

Was having a hassle even getting a quote for e and o. Why do things have to be so difficult? Got a good price from you right off the bat...and had a cert in a few hours. You are the best!

Chad O.

Searched the internet quite a bit before finding you. Glad I was thorough. Your errors and omissions rates are the best.

Roslyn F.

Nice program and nice e and o rates.


Someone in my office gave me your name. Said you have the best e and o rates. You do.

Carlie J.

Man that was easy...and your errors and omissions pricing low.

S. K.

Good job. Your errors and omissions pricing the best, the site easy to work, and I had my plan hassle free in a less than a day.

Mike B.

Thanks for being there. You have a good e & o plan, at a decent price. Thats good!

Ray D.

Good plan at a good price. What more can you ask for. I will be referring people in my office to your errors and omissions plan. Super!

Nellie N.

Was having problems, but your customer service person very helpful. I am a new agent and need all the help I can get. Glad your errors and omissions prices are not as high as the others.

Lonnie P.

Thanks again, you were fantastic. Thanks for taking care of this so quickly and staying late for me. If you have some kind of a survey for your service or anything, please get it to me, or feel free to forward this to your supervisor. Thanks again!!!


I would like to express my appreciation for the services I received from one of your representatives over a month ago. Her name represents the highest standard of professionalism and it was certainly a pleasure to have her assistance during the application process.
Her knowledge and exceptional care to every detail of my questions was truly professional. She helped me address all my concerns and was able to also get back with me promptly on a follow up question. It was a real delight to work with her. My experience with your company was excellent and I will certainly put you on my referral list of companies to work with among my peers. Thanks again and please extend this to the management team.

Brock A.

All policies are Offered, Administered, and Managed by ACE Financial Group Ltd.

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