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Sales Tips


Always be enthusiastic and that will rub off on your customers. Protect yourself with affordable E&O coverage.

The success of sales largely hinges on the ability of a salesperson to transfer their enthusiasm and passion for a product or service to potential customers.

When a salesperson is genuinely enthusiastic about what they are offering, it becomes infectious and can create a positive energy that resonates with the customer. This transfer of enthusiasm can be the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity.

Customers are more likely to buy from someone who conveys genuine excitement and belief in what they are selling. It is this passion and enthusiasm that can build trust, establish rapport, and ultimately lead to closing the deal.

In essence, sales is not just about pushing a product or service onto a customer, but about sharing the enthusiasm and conviction that makes that product or service valuable and appealing.

The Creeping Problem

A cluttered desk reduces productivity. Avoid the Creeping Problem and relieve stress by saving on Errors and Omissions coverage.

Sometimes we all have to deal with... "The Creeping Problem." The small thing that becomes overlooked, and then becomes the unnoticed habit.

One of these is the cluttered desk. Industrial Psychology studies have shown that those who work from a clean organized desk have two to three times the productivity as those who work from a cluttered desk.

Working from a clean desk allows you to focus, and work on one thing at a time. When your desk is cluttered you are constantly arranging and rearranging papers, looking for things and losing your focus.

Single focus is key to high productivity, and the cornerstone is a clean desk. You should have only one thing on your desk at a time. Everything else should be put away in drawers, the credenza, or files. If you have to, make a stack on the floor.

Whatever you do, work from a clean desk. Stop this "creeping problem" and experience the increased productivity, as well as decreased stress.

Stopping Stress Before it Starts

Reframe stress and stop it before it starts. Relieve stress by saving on Errors and Omissions coverage.

Abraham Lincoln once said "Life is a series of challenges." He also said..."Don't believe everything you read on the internet." Hmmmmm...well, maybe he didn't say that. But, it is true that these challenges we experience in all areas of life, often cause us stress. Learning to deal with life's inevitable stress is important. Our stress effects us in many ways. It effects our personal/family life, our business success, even our hormonal system.

There are many standard techniques employed in handling stress. Exercise, meditation, counseling, medication, planning alternative behaviors, decision-making, goal changing assessment, and many others. These are all useful, but they hold one thing in common, they are all after the effect of stress in your life.

The method pointed to here is dealing with stress, BEFORE it occurs. Handling "life challenges" BEFORE stress occurs, by "reframing" stress. Looking at the challenge in a new light. A six-year-old once "reframed" potential stress by stating "It's not the end of the world."

Most people dwell and despair on the worst case scenario in any situation. However, statistically, the worst case scenario is VERY unlikely to occur. So it is more helpful to think of a positive outcome instead. Be proactive and in control of your mental attitude, your health, and even your environment.

The next time you feel disappointed, challenged, or upset, reframe it. "Oh well it's not the end of the world", "There is alway's tomorrow", "I can handle it", "I can make alternate plans." "How badly does this actually effect me?" "How can I turn this around into something good?" What you may think as "the end of the world" may just be a great opportunity to restart or take advantage of a new beginning.

Mirroring and Matching

Develop rapport with your customers by mirroring them. Get a free quote and save on errors & omissions coverage.

Mirroring and matching is an easy and effective way to establish rapport with your prospect. Prospects like to feel like they are being listened to and supported by an understanding and helpful salesperson who they have much in common with. The technique covers many modalities such as voice, tone, rate, volume, and dialect, body position, mannerisms, and even eye contact.

For example, if your prospect talks fast, you also want to speed up your rate of speech. If they say "yep" or "cool" you also want to use the same words occasionally. If they cross their arms or legs, you may do the same. If they avoid eye contact, or make eye contact, you will want to do the same to make them feel comfortable.

You need to be very subtle with this technique, because a tactic known is a tactic blown. Don’t make every move, or do exactly as they do. If your prospect sees that you are copying them, you will lose all trust and rapport you have gained. They will feel like you are trying to manipulate them. Use it sparingly and you will find that your communications with your prospects (and even your spouse) will become easier and more effective.

Prequalifying Your Prospects

Soft close with let's give it a try. Also save on errors & omissions coverage.


The art of sales is not trying to sell your product to everyone, but focusing your efforts on selling only to those that need your product or service. Most salespeople will try to sell to everyone they come across. This becomes a futile and frustrating endeavor for everyone. This is why most people fail at sales; they try to fit a round peg into a square hole.


Sales is a numbers game, but not in the way you may think. It’s not to try and present to every person you come across, but to spend your time searching for the right people to present to. You will have much more success if you only present to those individuals that have a want or need for your product. You do this by asking the right questions. Ask your prospect what they need and want. Listen carefully. If they already have a need for your product, then you can help them. Sales is not trying to trick or convince people to buy your product or service. It’s naturally satisfying their needs.


In doing this you will increase your sales dramatically while reducing your efforts by the same amount. Targeting your prospecting will increase your time and ability to only present to prospects with a high probability of a sale. This will increase your effectiveness, sales, income, and confidence, while dramatically reducing your wasted time, efforts, and frustration.

What Do You Need?

Soft close with let's give it a try. Also save on errors & omissions coverage.

Most salespeople try to sell every feature and benefit of their product or service in a memorized presentation that will bore and insult their customer, and eventually result in a lost sale.

The best and easiest way to sell to a potential customer is to only offer specifically what they want and need. This will allow you to get to know your customer better, show respect for them, and save everyone time and energy.

One simple question at the beginning of your presentation, after your rapport building, will allow you to determine your customer's needs and wants. It will also give them confidence that you really care about them, and not just the sale.

All you have to do is ask “What do you need?” or “What are you looking for in a …?” .

Then listen and take notes. Your customer has been eager to tell you what they want and need. They will start out listing their greatest concern, followed by a secondary or tertiary need.

You simply then address these needs in order. You don’t have to waste time explaining every nuance of your product or service. If you strictly stick to their needs, they will then be attentively listening and participating in your presentation. Your rapport will grow with them, they will like and trust you, and the inevitable result will be you closing the sale effortlessly.

Let’s Just Give It A Try

Soft close with let's give it a try. Also save on errors & omissions coverage.

Sometimes you will find that after you have completely outlined the features and benefits of your product or service, your customer may still have some apprehension about buying.

If this occurs, you may want to try a soft close called “Let’s Just Give It A Try”.

To do this you first ask several questions that the customer has to answer “Yes” to. Then you follow it with the statement “Let’s just give it a try”. This removes all of the permanence and scariness of making a purchase decision or any final commitment.

If you say this in a light-hearted, confident manner, your customer will almost always be relaxed and go along with it. You don’t have to wait for them to say “Yes”. Now you’ve closed the deal and can assume the sale.

Assuming The Sale

Assume the Sale and attract customers. Also get cheap E&O coverage.

Many people are hesitant to assume a sale because they feel it could be seen as offensive or rude to their customer.

In fact, it is very helpful for the customer, as the decision is already made. If you have done your job well in explaining the product/service, and demonstrating how it will benefit the customer, then it is in both of your interest to move ahead with the purchase of the product/service.

For example: “Would feel more comfortable with a lower deductible or a lower rate?”
Or: “What effective date would you like for your policy?”
Or: “Would you like to pay by check or credit card?”

“Assuming the sale” will grow easier, developing into a natural close for you, and will dramatically increase your success in closing.

The Power of the $2 Bill

Reward referrals with $2 bills and save on Errors and Omissions Coverage

We would like to share a simple sales tool that can increase your sales several times over.

Referrals are the easiest sale ever. Giving a “thank you gift” is always nice, for a referral that results in a sale. The idea is to give a UNIQUE thank you gift. Let’s say it is $50. You would give 25, fresh from the bank - new, $2 bills. Every time your client uses them it will remind them of you, your business, and their referral. It begins conversations about how they got them. Try it. It works.

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