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Let’s Just Give It A Try

Soft close with let's give it a try. Also save on errors & omissions coverage.

Sometimes you will find that after you have completely outlined the features and benefits of your product or service, your customer may still have some apprehension about buying.

If this occurs, you may want to try a soft close called “Let’s Just Give It A Try”.

To do this you first ask several questions that the customer has to answer “Yes” to. Then you follow it with the statement “Let’s just give it a try”. This removes all of the permanence and scariness of making a purchase decision or any final commitment.

If you say this in a light-hearted, confident manner, your customer will almost always be relaxed and go along with it. You don’t have to wait for them to say “Yes”. Now you’ve closed the deal and can assume the sale.

Assuming The Sale

Assume the Sale and attract customers. Also get cheap E&O coverage.

Many people are hesitant to assume a sale because they feel it could be seen as offensive or rude to their customer.

In fact, it is very helpful for the customer, as the decision is already made. If you have done your job well in explaining the product/service, and demonstrating how it will benefit the customer, then it is in both of your interest to move ahead with the purchase of the product/service.

For example: “Would feel more comfortable with a lower deductible or a lower rate?”
Or: “What effective date would you like for your policy?”
Or: “Would you like to pay by check or credit card?”

“Assuming the sale” will grow easier, developing into a natural close for you, and will dramatically increase your success in closing.

The Power of the $2 Bill

Reward referrals with $2 bills and save on Errors and Omissions Coverage

We would like to share a simple sales tool that can increase your sales several times over.

Referrals are the easiest sale ever. Giving a “thank you gift” is always nice, for a referral that results in a sale. The idea is to give a UNIQUE thank you gift. Let’s say it is $50. You would give 25, fresh from the bank - new, $2 bills. Every time your client uses them it will remind them of you, your business, and their referral. It begins conversations about how they got them. Try it. It works.

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