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Working in the travel industry can be very gratifying, fun for yourself, and fun for those you provide services for. What a wonderful thing for one of your clients to come back from a trip all relaxed and so appreciative of your excellent vacation planning. It’s a very diverse industry with many different facets that you have to be the expert in. It includes many forms of transportation, to include; airlines, ships, cars, bus, and train. It includes destinations throughout the world, hotels, tours, entertainment, excursion packages, food, shopping, etc. There are endless details that must be attended to, time schedules, delayed flights, incorrect information. The list goes on and on.

With all the complications, there opens up the possibility for an unintentional mistake or oversight. It may be just a misunderstanding on the client’s part, or something that was totally out of your control. This is when you will be glad you had purchased a low cost Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy. With E&O Coverage for the possible claim, you can feel more confident when dealing with new clients. Put your customers at ease when they have the confidence that your travel agency has an E&O Policy to back your professional services.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Travel Agents

You obviously do your best to always give your customers great service, but anything and everything can still go wrong at any time. There may be a missed flight or connection because of a storm. Airlines often overbook. Bags can be lost. Your valuables can be stolen. Your clients may be robbed, get sick, or injured. Tours you thought would be good, can turn into a nightmare of a non air condition, smelly, overcrowded bus, who’s lost or disabled in a foreign country. You did your job the best you could, but you still get blamed and possibly even sued. It’s not an easy job.

Here are some tips to make sure you are on the right track:

1. Ensure you are dealing with vendors, transportation sources, hotels, and restaurants that you are familiar with. Take the trip YOURSELF, and THEN promote it with confidence.

2. You are not alone. You depend on several different resources. Get to know these people. You have to trust them, and trust what they can do for your clients. Talking with other successful travel agents can be your mentor.

E&O Insurance for Travel Agents

3. Respond to customer complaints with a VENGENCE! Be proactive and comprehensive with every complaint or problem. Make it your serious attention. It will help you keep your customers, and it will flood you with new customers through referrals. When people are on vacation, or just traveling, they expect their experience to be memorable and perfect. Always strive to exceed their expectations.

4. Get a quick online quote from ACE, and purchase an Errors and Omissions Policy to protect your business. Coverage with ACE Financial will be your sword and shield

Hopefully, building your business using these four simple pillars, you will reduce the likelihood of having a claim against your E and O Insurance Policy. Errors and Omissions Insurance can be expensive, but wouldn’t it be nice knowing there is an affordable E&O Coverage program waiting for you with ACE?

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