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Real Estate Errors and Omissions

Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance

Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance (aka E&O Insurance or Real Estate Professional Liability Insurance) Is a valuable asset to any professional’s portfolio of protection. Real Estate transactions have become more and more complex. Combine that with the higher number of lawsuits in America, and you have a recipe for disaster in your real estate business. As a realtor you have many other things to take up your time and mental capacities. You need to market, advertise, evaluate and show homes, conduct client interviews, complete paperwork, file paperwork, and more paperwork. You should focus on finding a policy that supports you and the services you perform, like; residential, commercial, high-rise, farm and ranch, property management, sales and management of owned property, appraisals, sale of rental property, auctioneers, and short term escrow.

Real Estate Professionals E&O Insurance

Not all Errors and Omissions Insurance Policies stack up the same. You may need to find a policy that support and covers your individual needs, like; environmental hazards, public relations, bodily injury and property damage, crisis event, discrimination, privacy, network and information security breach, on and off the job coverage, open house, mold, and employment practices. These and many other coverages are required in specialized fields. Don’t feel pressured to join some organization in order to qualify and obtain your E&O Insurance Policy. You should be able to get a good policy without additional association fees and paperwork.

E&O Insurance for Real Estate Professionals

Title Agent Errors and Omissions Insurance can be just as important to you as Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance. Title Agent E&O Insurance is created specifically for the specific needs of Title Agents. Again, don’t let companies require that you join their association or membership in order to access their errors and omissions quote, coverage or policy. You don’t need the extra paperwork or fees associated with that. You may need coverage for miscalculations, forms not filed, or filed correctly or on time, quoted rates that changed, or many other incidences. Title Agents aren’t alone in their industry. There are also, abstractors, escrow and closing agents, notary publics, loan closers, administrative staffs, refinance specialists, and title examiners.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Professionals

Even a frivolous or non-related claim can cost you tens of thousands of dollars to defend yourself and your business. Buying an Errors and Omissions Policy from ACE Financial Group Ltd can be the best decision you even made to protect your business and ensure its longevity. To get an online E&O Quote, simply click on the link below. Our quick and easy quote and application process will have you completed and on your way with a certificate of coverage usually the very next business day! Our friendly and helpful customer service staff is just a call, live chat, or email away with the answers you need. So sign up today for your next Errors and Omissions Policy with ACE. You’ll be glad you did!

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