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Most people think that IT professionals only work on computers. However, in the Information Technology (IT) sector, you will find several different branches and occupations. The IT Services industry related to the accessing of all information, no matter where it may be found. The Internet is just a common resource to gather this valuable information. IT Services focuses on the method for acquiring, processing, saving, and distributing information of any type. IT Services professionals may be in the fields of; web technology, Global Information Systems (GIS), bioinformatics, and cloud computing. They may conduct services for computer hardware, software, programming, and data and information management (design, build, run). IT Services offer services in; information access, storage, retrieval, business process automation and outsourcing, customer relations, applications outsourcing, infrastructure, and tools for performance and productivity.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for IT Professionals

An IT occupation is in a fast and changing industry. New developments and processes are available and developed almost daily. It would be impossible for any professional to understand and utilize them all. Common risks associated with IT Services professionals are; loss of data, security breaches, system downtime, loss of customers/income due to software or hardware issues, flaws in delivered and installed software or hardware, theft of intellectual property, or copyright infringement. A mistake, misunderstanding, an error can occur at any time. Therefore, it would be very wise for all IT Service professionals to purchase an Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy to protect their actions. An E&O Insurance Policy can protect your business from any error that may occur while you are conducting your professional services.

E&O Insurance for IT Professionals

These above listed risks don’t even touch on the greatest risk of any IT Services professional; the malicious risk of data theft! More and more often in the news we hear of someone who has stolen credit card info from some huge corporation. If these large companies fall at risk to hackers and virus specialists, how much more will your small business be victim to it? Every data theft will cost your customer money, clients, and even their reputation! They will likely want to hold someone accountable for these breaches and losses. Your company is the likely target for this expensive lawsuit. Buy an IT Services Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage to protect you and your business before you risk losing your business and assets.

E and O Insurance for IT Professionals

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