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The general public is often confused between the meaning and tasks performed by an Engineer, an Architect, and a Draftsman. I will try to give you a brief overview of each.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Engineers


There are many different types of Engineers; Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Water and Wastewater Engineer, Transportation (road, highway, railway) Engineer, Geotechnical Engineers, Forensic Engineers, Land Development Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Survey Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Mining Engineers, Hydrology Engineers, and Electrical Engineers to name a few. The Engineer’s primary purpose is to plan and design structures, concentrating on the structural elements and safety of use during normal and extreme use. Engineers can be a consultant, site inspection, planner, scheduler, billing, surveyor, and quality control. As you can see from the Venn diagram, Engineering is the most broad of all categories, encompassing Architecture and Draftsman.

E&O Insurance for Engineers


The professional Architect focuses mainly on the aesthetics/artistry, feeling, and visual design elements of a structure. More of a “form” over “function”. They may help determine how the space will be used and how many people it will serve. They also design the façade, interior decoration elements, landscaping, and property layout. They commonly design structures such as; homes, offices, public places, businesses, retail stores, medical facilities, and churches.


Draftsmen, or drafters, work with Architects to complete drawings via computer programs like CADD. They not only draw up designs for buildings, but also circuitry, mechanical parts, and machinery. Their work will include many detailed specifications like; materials, dimensions, calculations, tables, technical handbooks, procedures and processes, warnings, and additional notes and directions. Like Architects, Draftsmen often conduct work for: residential and commercial projects, highway and bridges, sewer systems, flood control projects in the fields of, aeronautics, electronics, and architecture.

E and O Insurance for Engineers

Although each industry is different, the best results come form projects where the Engineers, Architects, and draftsmen work together on collaboration and cooperation throughout the entire project.

Engineers are involved in a demanding, complicated, detailed, and ever-changing process. They are subject to a high level of scrutiny and investigation. Engineers are regularly at risk for slip-and-fall accidents, copyright infringement, and client property damage lawsuits. These conditions create a greater risk of misunderstanding, miscalculations, and claims of misappropriations of funds. Lawsuits can quickly and easily develop over most any reason or cause. The smart Engineer professional will purchase an Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy (aka Professional Liability Insurance, or General Liability Insurance) that is specifically designed for Engineers. Many Insurance Companies will lump all Engineers, Architects, and Draftsmen into one bundle to cover them all the same way. However, you should know that each industry faces separate and unique challenges and risks. Ensure your Errors and Omissions Insurance (aka E&O Insurance) for Engineers is customized to your unique profession.

E&O Insurance for Engineers

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