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Errors and Omissions Coverage for Drafters


Drafters also benefit from having Errors and Omissions Insurance

Drafting technicians, once called draftsmen or draftspersons, work with Architects to complete drawings using CAD software. They not only draw up designs for buildings, but also circuitry, mechanical parts, and machinery. Their work will include many detailed specifications like; materials, dimensions, calculations, tables, technical handbooks, procedures and processes, warnings, and additional notes and directions. Like Architects, Draftsmen often conduct work for: residential and commercial projects, highway and bridges, sewer systems, flood control projects in the fields of, aeronautics, electronics, and architecture. Projects like these have a lot riding on them and a drafter could find themselves vulnerable to legal action if they make a mistake, even if it is inadvertently. All of these fields present their own risks and a wise drafter should seek E & O coverage to mitigate their exposure.

E&O Insurance help give Drafting Professionals peace of mind while they work

Drafting is demanding and time sensitive. Professional drafters have to keep track of a tremendous number of details. Drafters create drawings that might include infrastructure, mechanical design, circuitry, technical details, and material specifications; in addition drafters utilize CADD, specialized computers and technical reference material. Juggling all of this and the time pressures that come with being a drafter, even the best ones can slip up.

E&O Insurance for Draftspersons is helpful for those unforeseen Errors

Errors and Omissions coverage is essential for everyone working in the field of drafting. Even a small error can have big ramifications for your client’s project and when they have added costs due to that error, they will come looking for someone to blame. E & O coverage can protect you from spending your hard earned money on court costs and legal fees. ACE Financial Group Ltd offer a simple, quick, and easy way for you to get an online E&O Quote, complete an online application, and then pay online.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Draftsmen will help with those potential Omissions

Purchasing an errors and omissions policy from ACE Financial will give you peace of mind and get you covered fast.

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