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Errors and Omissions Coverage for Credit Counselors

Don't watch years of work get destroyed - get E&O Insurance

A credit counselor (also called debit counselors) help consumers manage their debt and guide them toward a brighter financial future. Whether you work as a Debt Counselor or Credit Counselor, having Errors and Omissions coverage is an important consideration worth your time. There is a great deal of trust between a Credit Counselor and their client. Your clients are usually in a very vulnerable position by the time they seek a Debit or Credit Counselor and your guidance can have major impact on your client’s financial future. That trust is critical when a Debt Counselor guides their client through the maze of managing their debt and steering clear of scams that take advantage of those in debt.

Credit Counselors need Errors and Omissions Insurance just as much as other fields

As a Debit Counselor you enjoy the world of finance and helping people. You work hard at negotiating on your client’s behalf. But even the parts of the job you are well-suited for can put you at risk. If you have spent the time and money to become certified, you have even more at stake. Errors and Omissions coverage can help mitigate your exposure. All you need to do is click on the "Instant Quote" link at the bottom of this page to take advantage of our quick and easy online quote and application process.

Best Errors and Omissions Insurance for Credit Counselors

As a Debit Counselor you build financial plans, create client agreements, develop debt-relief strategies, and negotiate payments to creditors. Your clients trust that they receive sound advice. They also expect a Debit Counselor to keep their financial records, bank statements, credit reports and tax information private. This work comes with lots of responsibility and risk. The smallest error could have a grave impact on your client’s already suffering finances. You could be held liable for these mistakes. Even false claim against you can result in big expenses.

Is it worth the risk to not get E&O Insurance through us?

This is why you want Errors and Omissions coverage. Imagine the financial ramification if you had to spend your hard-earned money defending yourself in court. An E & O policy gives you peace of mind that a simple mistake or unintentional oversight will not result in legal fees you are unable to pay.

If you are wisely looking to protect yourself with low cost Errors and Omissions coverage, you could do no better than quick affordable E&O Coverage for Debt Counselors offered by ACE Financial Group Ltd. Take advantage of our easy online quote and application process. You should be done in less than 15 minutes.

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