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Computer Services professionals also benefit from having Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions coverage is critical for any computer services professional. There are risks whether you run an information technology business, computer repair and maintenance business or sell computers, laptops and peripherals. E&O coverage is also needed for IT professionals, those who focus on computer training, hardware manufacturers, software developers and network technicians.

E&O Insurance help give Computer Services professionals peace of mind while they work

Computers and data are critical parts of your client’s business. They look to computer professionals to quickly and correctly keep their machines and networks running. Working without an Errors and Omissions policy can put you at risk when you repair or maintain computers and servers, build or configure new hardware and install or update software. You might even be sued if mistakes are made managing drivers, routers or security options. Even when you perform regular upgrades or troubleshoot system failures for an established client you run the risk of damaging or disabling their critical business infrastructure.

E&O Insurance for Computer Services professionals is helpful for those unforeseen Errors

You work with high-value electronics that often contain sensitive data. Even with extra vigilance things can go wrong. Consider the financial repercussions if there was accidental damage to your client’s equipment or data. Clients often demand quick turn-around times and that can put extra pressure on your business to work quickly. Under those condition mistakes are even more likely. That is why having Errors and Omissions coverage can give you extra confidence.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Computer Services professionals will help with those potential Omissions

Computer services businesses with high standards and a good work record are also juggling all of the other aspect of the business including record keeping, customer service, security and communication. This is a lot to consider every day and mistakes do happen. Fortunately E&O coverage can provide protection for any computer services business. Errors & Omissions coverage mitigates your financial risks if you are sued for your mistakes or those of your employees. If you are considering an affordable Errors and Omissions policy for your computer services business, ACE Financial Services can provide you with an Instant Quote to get you covered right away.

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