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Bookkeepers word association that is missing Errors and Omissions Insurance

Whether you are a General Bookkeeper, Full Charge Bookkeeper or a Certified Bookkeeper your job duties can put you at risk. You are working with someone else’s finances and other critical information. Errors can not only harm a client’s business they can bring legal action on yourself. A bookkeeper takes on many important functions for their clients.

Bookkeepers reviewing why E&O Insurance is important

General Bookkeepers might record transactions, post invoices and payments, create monthly bank reconciliations, categorize transactions, send invoices and verify credit card statements. Full Charge and Certified Bookkeepers take on more duties putting them more at risk when they handle payroll and tax payments, prepare budgets and financial statements and prepare new hire and tax documents. E&O coverage is a sound idea for all types of bookkeepers.

Best E&O Insurance for Bookkeepers

If you are a bookkeeper considering Errors & Omissions coverage consider how professional bookkeepers deal with a tremendous amount of complexity. They analyze and enter sensitive data with a high degree of confidentiality, thoroughness and attention to detail. This data is vital to the companies and individuals you work for, so even small errors can have catastrophic consequences.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Bookkeepers calls for celebration

When a company suffers from financial trouble like fraud or bankruptcy their lawyers will look to recoup losses by finding others to sue. Said plainly, they will look for someone to blame. Whether a mistake is real or perceived, you will have to spend your own money defending yourself against a lawsuit. Affordable Errors and Omissions coverage from ACE Financial gives you peace of mind and can help reduce the stress of an already stressful job.

Errors and Omissions Insurance is a hidden tool that Bookkeepers need

Even the best bookkeepers with the highest standards can inadvertently mishandle financial records. An Errors & Omissions Policy may protect you when you need it most. You should strongly consider purchasing an Errors and Omissions Policy. With ACE Financial, Bookkeeper Errors and Omissions, you will have quick and convenient coverage at an affordable rate. Just click on the "Instant Quote" link below to get started

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