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Don't watch years of work get destroyed - get E&O Insurance

Many different industries offer appraisals in their businesses. They all would be smart to purchase an Errors and Omissions Appraisal Insurance Policy to properly protect their business assets and personal income and wealth. It would be a shame to spend 20 to 30 years of hard work building your business and assets just to lose it all in one lawsuit, especially over a frivolous matter. In today’s society, the cost of an Appraisers E&O Policy seems just to be a matter of unavoidable business expenses.

Appraisers need Errors and Omissions Insurance just as much as other fields

We see several different industries offering appraisal to their customers. For example, there are three different Real Estate Appraisal approaches, Cost Approach, Sales Comparison Approach, and Income Capitalization Approach. These can be used for residential and commercial properties. Other appraisals include, but are not limited to: Estate Appraisals or Household Goods Appraisals, Real Property Appraisals or Personal Property Appraisals, Human Resources Departments commonly use Performance Appraisals for their employees, Business Appraisals, Investment Appraisals, Equipment Appraisals, Art Appraisals, Vehicle Appraisals, Jewelry Appraisals, and Machinery and Technical Specialties Appraisals. People even appraise animals like; horses, dogs, livestock and farm animals...

Best Errors and Omissions Insurance for Appraisers

If you’ve been tirelessly shopping the Internet for an Affordable Errors and Omissions Insurance Quote and Policy, you know that there’s a lot of companies out there all saying that they offer the best coverage available. Unfortunately, you probably have also found that most of them won’t give you the time of day when if comes to getting a real quote that they will stand behind and honor even after you’ve completed an application. The initial E&O Quote seems to quickly double as they ask you questions about your appraisal business and practices. You feel frustrated as they bait and switch the low rate for one that you can no longer afford.

Is it worth the risk to not get E&O Insurance through us

You should know that any error, or even a perceived error, can result in a lawsuit, that could cost you everything you’ve worked for. Most smart and wary Appraisers carry an Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy to give them piece of mind, and the confidence in knowing that they have done their best to protect and ensure their business will survive long-term.

ACE Financial Group Ltd offers an E&O Policy that you can customize to your individual company’s needs and budget. You save money because you will only pay for the exact services that you conduct. If you’re holding out for the lowest price on your next E&O Policy, you’ve found it with ACE, as we offer a Lowest Rate In The Industry, Guaranteed program. We promise to beat any competitor’s rate by 10%! Simply click on our "Instant Quote" link below to see how our rates compare to other companies. Take advantage of our quick and easy online quote and application process. You should be done in less than 15 minutes!

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Did we mention that we promise to have THE LOWEST RATES IN THE INDUSTRY?!

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