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Annuities & Mutual Funds Representatives - Errors and Omissions

Annuities and Mutual Funds Reps need Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions coverage is commonly abbreviated as E&O. It is also called professional liability coverage, or professional indemnity coverage. Wise annuities and mutual fund representatives who offer advice and services to their clients have E&O coverage to protect themselves from possible law suits. Their customers may claim that an annuities or mutual fund representatives was negligent in properly explaining the products. Errors and Omissions policies are written to protect representatives from their customers against such claims and lawsuits, whether real or frivolous.

Annuities and Mutual Funds word art that is missing E&O Insurance

As an annuities or mutual fund representative you may also sell other products. Many times these additional products will greatly increase your sales. You may also find that customers that have multiple products with you will remain with you longer. They may even refer their friends and family to you. You will find, as you grow your business, that referrals are the foundation to a strong, healthy, and long-term business. Growth also puts you at more risk.

Best E&O Insurance for Annuities and Mutual Fund Reps

Most Errors and Omissions policies are written in such challenging language that the average person cannot understand what they mean. Large companies typically hide exclusions, limitations, and conditions of coverage within the fine print. This devious business practice is unfortunately common in this industry.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Annuities and Mutual Funds Reps adds up

They may quote you a low annual premium up front, but by the time you have endured the endless paperwork, your rate may have doubled and every six months after you can expect a rate increase. To make things worse, you likely be cancelled if you ever have a claim. But this is not the case with ACE Financial Group. Just answer 12 simple questions and get your instant quote.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Annuities and Mutual Funds Reps adds up

ACE Financial Group Ltd proudly breaks the mold. ACE offer a customizable E&O Policy, where you can select each individual coverage type you need. Therefore, you only pay for the exact coverage that is right for you. If you’re searching for the lowest price for E &O, you’ve found it with ACE Financial. Simply click on the "Instant Quote" link below to take advantage of their quick and easy online quote and application process.

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