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Administrative Assistant Errors and Omissions

Administrative Assistants also benefit from having Errors and Omissions Insurance

Administrative Assistants handle duties for other professionals. They organize files, create correspondence, prepare reports and documents, manage calendars to schedule appointments, sort mail, prepare invoices and offer general staff support. There are many job titles for professionals who do work similar to administrative assistants. Sometimes these duties are assigned to Executive Assistants, Administrative Coordinators, Office Assistants, Receptionists or Office Managers. Regardless of the title these office professionals perform key task that keep offices running smoothly and they are exposed to real-world liability while performing these tasks. Errors can not only harm the company you work for they can bring legal action on yourself. Errors and Omissions coverage for administrative assistants protects you from lawsuits and other costly risks.

E&O Insurance helps give Administrative Assistants peace of mind while they work

Even the best administrative assistants can slip up while providing real-time scheduling support or making expensive travel arrangements, such as booking flights, cars, and making hotel and restaurant reservations. Costly mistakes are even possible when performing the more routine duties of the job like screening phone calls, generating reports, transcribing minutes or conducting research. It is often a high stress job making it challenging to avoid work errors and oversights, missed project deadlines or failure to provide promised services. These are real risks and a wise administrative assistant will seek Errors and Omissions coverage to protect them from expensive litigation.

E&O Insurance for Administrative Assistants is helpful for those unforeseen Errors

Successful Administrative Assistants strive to be professional, polite, attentive and accurate. They aim at being prepared, responsive and willing to meet each challenge directly and have a genuine desire to meet the needs of others. These admirable attributes will not protect an administrative assistant if a mistake put them in the crosshairs of a costly lawsuit. That is why E&O coverage is necessary.

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